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Artist Statement
By Keith Allen Johnson

In this monumental Presidential Bust, I set out to capture the spirit and likeness of Donald J Trump.

I began this sculpture before Trump became President in early 2016 because I had the profound sense that his presidential run would be historic and successful. In this life-size sculptural treasure, Trump is focused and determined as he looks at the country’s many challenges. But there is still great hope because Trump made America great again in his first term, just as he promised. We know Trump knows how to get difficult things done. He was and is the singular American statesman who has been divinely prepared and qualified to be our President once again in 2024!   


President Donald Trump's mission to "Make America Great Again" officially began on January 20, 2017, when he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Throughout the election, the charismatic billionaire rode a wave of revolution among the American people with a no-nonsense approach that resonated with a public that had grown increasingly dissatisfied with the corrupt American political machine and the failed direction of the country.

President Trump began taking the bold actions required to restore America's standing as a beacon of freedom, strength, and prosperity on his first day in office, just as he promised during his historic campaign. He strengthened our military; he secured our borders; he cut taxes and burdensome regulations. He unlocked American energy to make us energy dominate. Unemployment was at the lowest rate in history, and the American economy was thriving at record highs. Trump did what he said he would do—he Made America Great Again.

 Trump has created an “America First” revolution among the American people with his love of country and a firebrand approach that confronts difficult problems and gets the job done. His successful policies have resonated with the American people who now are now looking to his leadership  

“Soon, we will have greatness again. It was hard-working patriots like you who built this country. And it is hard-working patriots like you who are going to save this country. There is no mountain that we cannot climb; there is no summit we cannot reach. There is no challenge we cannot beat. There is no victory we cannot have. We will not bend; we will not break. We will never yield ever, ever, ever. We will never give in, we will never give up, and we will never back down. 

We will make America Great Again!” –President Donald J Trump.

 The “DONALD J TRUMP” Presidential Bust

Available exclusively in museum-quality solid bronze in an extremely limited edition of just 45. Each sculpture is individually cast and finished by hand in our partnering foundry right here in the USA. This extremely rear life-size sculpture is a true art treasure commemorating President Donald J Trump at this critical time in our nation's history.

The “DONALD J TRUMP” Presidential Bust was first sculpted in 2016 but has now been officially released to American Patriot in 2022.  The life-size sculpture measures 21” tall, 11” wide, and 11’ inches deep.

Each “DONALD J TRUMP” Presidential comes with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying the material and edition size of the sculpture. This high-quality Certificate of Authenticity is personally signed by the sculptor and is suitable for framing.

This sculpture is offered in Solid Bronze only. The “DONALD J TRUMP” Presidential Bust offered as a limited edition of just 45. $150,000

We offer free shipping within the continental United States.

Purchase Your “DONALD J TRUMP” Presidential Bust Today!

Presidential Sculptor Keith Allen Johnson and our skilled artisans at Donald Trump Sculpture have created this stunningly detailed Donald J Trump Presidential Bust to be a truly historic art treasure that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.


You won't find a museum-quality life-size Donald J Trump sculpture like this one from Donald Trump Sculpture anywhere else, so reserve your limited-edition sculpture today while this art treasure is still available!

I dedicate this sculpture to President Donald J Trump and the American Patriots who love God and country enough to fight and pray for America’s greatest Great Awakening!

Keith Allen Johnson

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