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Why Donald Trump Sculpture and Why Now?

Because Donald Trump changed American culture and politics forever by orchestrating the greatest political upset in world history. Because Donald Trump actually fought for we the American people and he did what he promised he would do. He MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in his first term and he will do it again when he is elected President in 2024!

We launched Donald Trump Sculpture because we believe history will one day soon recognize Donald J Trump as America’s greatest President. It is our vision and passion to honor President Trump by crafting the highest museum quality sculptures ever created. We launched Donald Trump Sculpture because we believe every American Patriot should experience the pride and joy of collective high-quality sculptures that honor and celebrate the greatest President in American history.  

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What People Are Saying About Donald Trump Sculpture

"Stunning Crafstmanship!"

Sculpting Those Who Shape History.


" vision for these Presidential sculptures has always been to honor the Office of the President of the United States of America."


Learn more about renowned presidential artist, Keith Johnson, and why he was compelled to sculpt President Donald Trump and capture the essence of the historical #MAGA (Make American Great Again) movement.

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