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Certificate of Authenticity:
What Is It and Why Are They So important?

A certificate of authenticity is a crucial document guaranteeing the sculpture’s authenticity. It confirms that the sculpture was created by the specific artist associated with it.

In the art world, a certificate of authenticity tells you who the sculptor is, the process and material of the sculpture, and whether it’s a limited edition or not. Limited edition works of art have more value than works that are not limited.

Like a birth certificate, a certificate of authenticity is forever connected to one specific sculpture, and this connection remains intact throughout the artwork’s life from purchase to resale. It does not expire.

When you invest in a Trump sculpture that you love, you will know that the sculpture is authentic and not an illegal reproduction. With a unique sculptural masterpiece, you’d also want to be ensured that the work is original and created by the actual artist. A certificate of authenticity adds value to the sculpture recognizing it as a true sculptural masterpiece.

Why is a certificate of authenticity necessary?

 The main goal of a certificate of authenticity in sculpture is to prove that the original artist created the artwork - and that it’s not a reproduction or a forgery. With our Certificate of Authenticity, you can be sure that sculptor Keith Allen Johnson officially created the Trump sculpture you purchased.

As the sculpture is proven authentic, its value usually increases over time.

Should you want to resell a Trump sculpture or insure it, a certificate of authenticity helps assess the artwork's current and future value. It can also make the sculpture much easier to sell. Our certificate of authenticity is a highly regarded and accepted way to verify an artwork and its growing value.

In addition to a Certificate of Authenticity, choosing the right artist and subject for the sculpture is essential. Sculptor Keith Allen Johnson has major commissioned sculptural works on display in prominent locations across the United States. Choosing the right artist and subject adds increasing value to the sculpture. Regarding the right subject, we genuinely believe our Donald J Trump sculptures will gain interest and value as Trump continues to dramatically make history in his upcoming run-up to the 2024 Presidential election and his second term as the 47th President of the United States. 

Sculpting Those Who Shape History.


Learn more about renowned presidential artist, Keith Johnson, and why he believes the #MAGA movement is shaping history.

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