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Our Story
Why Donald Trump Sculpture and Why Now?

Because Donald Trump changed American culture and politics forever by orchestrating the greatest political upset in world history. Because Donald Trump actually fought for we the American people and he did what he promised he would do. He MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in his first term and he will do it again when he is elected President in 2024!

We launched Donald Trump Sculpture because we believe history will one day soon recognize Donald J Trump as America’s greatest President. It is our vision and passion to honor President Trump by crafting the highest museum quality sculptures ever created. We launched Donald Trump Sculpture because we believe every American Patriot should experience the pride and joy of collective high-quality sculptures that honor and celebrate the greatest President in American history.  


"Stunning craftmanship!"

"I purchased the Trump sculpture dresses in Washington's uniform for my father in-law who is a huge Trump supporter. He went crazy when he opend the box, he loved it!"

"This is me your work reminds me of Leonardo da Vince...what incredible detailing!"

"Your attention to detail is fabulous, amazing and beautiful!"

"I'm a proud MAGA Trump supporter. I recently remodled my home office and purchased a Trump sculpture that I have displayed on my desk. Everyone who comes into my office loves it!" 

 "Your talent is truly a gift from God. Words can not even capture how amazing this is!" 

"I am a big lover, fan it what you want...of your work. It's really touching me deeply. This is not just sculpture. This is art that touches a feeling deep inside. I am so happy to discover your work!"
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